How to be a doer and not just dreamer

You are reading an article in a magazine or a newspaper and you immediately think the author is saying the same thing which I already know. “May be I could have written the article too and could have added few more interesting points.”

Your friend comes from a job interview and tells you the questions which were asked. You fret – I could have easily answered these questions and might have got the job.

You think you can do but you never did.

You think you can succeed but you never made the endeavour to succeed.

You think you have the talent but you are still living a mediocre life.

If the above holds true for you then “welcome to the world of dreamers – the obsessive thinkers.

While you may be thinking big, dreaming big in some corner of the world there will be someone who would have already started putting in best efforts to give shape to his/her ideas.

Doer do not sit idle. They hate to be idle. They relax by working hard. They enjoy their life while doing their work.

Dreamers hope it will happen. Doers do not rest till it happens.

In this world there are many dreamers but few doers. Many planners but few executers.

To be a doer contemplate on the following points



Stop thinking Start Acting

God is impartial so he has given 24 hours to everyone. So plan your day in advance and for the day plan your every hour. And monitor your hourly progress to see if you put your endeavour during that hour to pursue your goals. Or if you wasted your time in dreaming or idle gossips or reading and sending never ending whatsapp messages or updating facebook status.


True, it is always not easy to start it requires tremendous determination. So fight the forces which is stopping you to act now.


Have lots of patience

The proverb “Rome was not built in a day” may be too old but it still holds true. Nothing can be achieved immediately. Patience is a must. A woman cannot become mother as soon as she wants  she has to wait for 9 months. So don’t expect quick results. Many times we give up when we find we are not getting the results.


Foundation of a building requires lots of labour and during that time nothing is visible. But it is the most important part of the building, upon it multistorey building stands strongly withstanding the forces of nature.


Learn while doing

We need to have good knowledge to begin anything but could be possible that we may not be an expert in that area. There is theoretical understanding and practical understanding. If we start doing then during the journey we will gain precious knowledge which we may not get in books.


This is why big companies prefer to hire experienced professionals who have made their hands dirty while practically working on technology and not just learned scholars who knows all the definitions and have mastered the jargons.


I remember when a very experienced trainer wanted to work in a project my manager was reluctant to include her in the team. He felt that it will be difficult for her to practically apply the knowledge to solve business problems. The interesting fact is that she was the one who had trained the new resources on the technology on which we were supposed to work.


Learn while failing:

If you boast that you have never failed then could be possible that you never tried sufficiently.


If you want to enjoy the rains you should be ready to spoil your clothes.


If you want to achieve something big then you need to take the risk being fully aware that you may succeed or may not.  If you succeed then great.


But if not then it does not mean that you failed. During the course of your journey you will learn many vital lessons which will help you to move ahead in life.



After you start don’t stop

After you started your journey to accomplish your dream then you may lose motivation somewhere and stop pursuing your goals. Many people fail not because they lack the ability but because they refuse to continue. 


To keep yourself motivated always surround yourself with people who have positive attitude and who encourages you in your journey. Read the life story of great personalities.


One story which I like a lot is of Arjuna one of the most iconic personalities in Indian history. Arjuna was the hero of the epic Mahabharat war and was considered to be the best archer of the world. But he did not achieve this feat overnight, he worked hard for it.


Once when as a student Arjuna was in the ashram of his guru Dronoacharya he was taking food in the night and suddenly the lamp got extinguished because of wind. Arjuna continued eating. After sometime he thought although it is dark but still my hand easily finds my mouth. It is happening because I have a desire to eat so even the darkness is not able to stop me. So if my hunger to become the best archer of the world is strong then I can even practice archery in the night. And so from that day onwards Arjuna started honing his archery skills in the night also while rest others enjoyed sleep.


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Read books which nourish your intelligence

As we need food to nourish our body so we need food to nourish our intelligence. Good books like Bhagavad Gita helps a lot in purifying our thought process and helping us to pursue our goals righteously with strong determination.

The books very logically talks about the actions which will guarantee failure and actions which will help us to not only achieve good results but also helps us to lead a better life to become a better human being.


If we work on the above guidelines then it can transform you and me from being a day dreamer to a doer.


As soon as we start acting God starts smiling – he guides us inspires us from within and happily gives us the desired result if we pursue our goal righteously.


Hard working people never fail they just learn and grow

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