3-year-old toddler addicted to phone gets counselling in a hospital

A mother brought her three-year-old child to the Bareilly district hospital in UP with a complaint that her child is suffering from bed wetting.  But to the utter surprise of the doctor it was found that the child was so addicted to his phone that he did not even go to bathroom. He spent almost eight hours daily watching cartoons – Doraemon and Motu Patlu.  He developed this habit because his mother used to give him mobile phone to keep him busy while she did her household chores.

The doctors at the hospital said that the child is not alone who is always hooked to mobile. The hospital has received 39 cases in last two months of children between the age group of 10 to 18 who now only prefer to live in the virtual world.  They spend hours playing online games, watching cartoons or chatting on social media.  The doctors say that the parents are to be blamed because it is they who expose their child to the cyber world.

Dr Ashish Kumar, a psychiatrist at the hospital, told TOI, “In majority of the cases, it came to light that parents provide mobile to their children at an early age to keep the kids busy so that their own work is not affected. This later becomes a cause of addiction and bad behavior among children.”

Children needs time and many parents these days are busy in their work so they do not give much time to their child so they give them mobile so that their children can remain busy.  When children are at home then non-working mothers prefer watching their favorite TV serials than spending time with their children.  Children who spend long hours on phone start neglecting their studies and also sleep. They eventually start living in the virtual world and start comparing their lives with the people they meet on social media.

It is extremely important that the child gets a healthy atmosphere to grow. Taking care of the child is the most important responsibility of a parent.

When Srila Prabhupada, the founder acharya of Iskcon, came to know that one of his female disciples was not properly doing the duties of a mother then he immediately wrote her a letter saying that for her taking care of her child is more important than doing deity worship.

 “For you, child-worship is more important than deity-worship. If you cannot spend time with him, then stop the duties of pujari. At least you must take good care of your son until he is four years old, and if after that time you are unable any more to take care of him then I shall take care. These children are given to us by Krishna, they are Vaisnavas and we must be very careful to protect them. These are not ordinary children, they are Vaikuntha children, and we are very fortunate we can give them chance to advance further in Krishna Consciousness. That is very great responsibility, do not neglect it or be confused. Your duty is very clear.” Letter to Arundhati — Amsterdam 30 July, 1972:

Srila Prabhupada has set a standard for all the mothers and fathers of Iskcon – Taking care of your child is your most important responsibility.

Understanding the need of the society Iskcon has come up with programs especially for children. The purpose of all these programs is to help the child grow in a healthy atmosphere so that they can realize their true potential and lead a successful and value based happy life. The programs have been successfully going on at many Iskcon centres all over the world. Iskcon New Town Kolkata has also started program for the kids and many parents are showing keen interest in enrolling their kids for such programs.

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