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After saying Hinduism has become “most violent” Urmila Matondkar says “Hinduism is an epitome of peace”

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A BJP worker, Suresh Nakhua, filed a complaint against Bollywood actress, Urmila Matondkar, who is a Congress’s Lok Sabha candidate from Mumbai North Constituency, for her remarks against Hinduism in an interview to Rajdeep Sardesai of India Today.  Congress President Rahul Gandhi and journalist Rajdeep Sardesai has also been named in the complaint.

In the interview she can be heard as saying that the “Religion [Hinduism] known for its tolerance has turned out to be most violent.”

It appears Rajdeep Sardesai allowed her to make the statement and get away with it.

He did not ask the counter question as why she is maligning the entire Hindu community. Imagine if anyone would have said something similar about any other religion then today the print and the electronic media would have pounced upon the person and the party. Editorials would have been written and the secular journalists along with their secular friends would have spent hours discussing how India has now become intolerant.

However Urmila Matondkar has clarified that she has been grossly misquoted and she has not said anything which will hurt the sentiments of the Hindus. In a statement she said, “Hinduism is an epitome of peace, inclusiveness and non violence. I believe in Hinduism which embraces benevolent concepts of ‘Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam‘ (The whole world is a family) and ‘Ahimsa Paramodharma’ (non violence). This is the Hinduism promoted by our great forefathers and Lokmanya Tilak, Gandhiji, Vivekanand and Sardar Patel…I believe in love, and respect Hinduism in this sense and not in what BJP wants to promote.”

If she has such respect for Hinduism then what was the compulsion for her to initially say something which painted Hindus as violent people.

It could be possible that she wanted to please the powerful people of the secular eco system so she said “Hinduism has turned out to be the most violent religion.” Because in India to be secular it is extremely important that you do or say something which hurts the sentiments of the Hindus. Remember how alleged congress workers in Kerala brutally killed a calf publicly, chopped its body into pieces, cooked it and ate it in full public view just because for Hindus cows are sacred.  

Meanwhile Urmila’s twitter account is now filled with pictures where she could be seen visiting and seeking blessings of the Lord in a temple dressed in a sari and with a big bindi.

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