Chandan enhances the beauty of the beautiful Lord

When we like and love a person then we are ready to do anything to please him/her. No difficulties ever deter us or decrease our desire to serve him. For e.g. a mother is ready to do everything to please her child. She tirelessly takes care of her baby without any complaint. She enjoys every moment she spends with her child and shudder at the thought of separation. A devotee is similarly eager to serve God. A devotee is a mortal being who gives his life and heart completely to God. He thinks nothing but only about Lord, he does nothing which does not please Lord and he does everything to make sure that God is always happy, has all the comforts.

Devotees also keep on exploring opportunities to serve Lord. And the month of May/June (Vaisakha/Jyestha) provide one such opportunity. The period of the year is hottest in India. As the temperature reaches to its peak, the heat becomes unbearable. Devotees become very concerned about the Lord’s comfort. So, they decide to apply chandan (sandalwood paste) to Lord. Sandalwood paste has a cooling effect and it also smells nice. The paste is continuously applied to the Lord for 21 days and it is celebrated as Chandan Yatra. Chandan is applied very artistically and not clumsily. It enhances the beauty of the beautiful Lord. Chandan is applied on the entire body including face, hands, legs and torso of Lord Krishna, Lord Jagannath and Lord Baladeva. The creamy paste is also put on Srimati RadhaRani and Subhdra Devi’s face especially on forehead.

Many devotees – resident brahmacharis & householders – participate in preparing sandalwood paste for the Lord. Batan (Sil – Batta) is used to prepare the paste. The sandalwood is rubbed against the batan with some water.  The batan is kept in the temple hall and anyone irrespective of caste, creed, race, sex, colour, nationality can participate in this service of preparing sandalwood paste. The beauty of devotional life is that every individual tries to serve the Lord and simultaneously also want to engage others in serving the Lord. The only requirement is that one should have love for Krishna.

With Chandan on his face, Lord Krishna & Lord Jagannath looks stunning. During Chandan Yatra every lover of Krishna compulsorily comes to see the Lord. They also enthusiastically participate in preparing sandalwood paste with their own hands; the paste is later applied to the Lord.  
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