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Let not tears torment us

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At the battlefield of Kurushetra, Arjuna put aside his weapons and with tears in his eyes looked at Krishna expecting compassion. But in return he got chastisement. Tears of sorrow did not impress Krishna but rather it displeased him. If a child refuses to appear in an exam then his mother won’t be sympathetic although her child may give several reasons for not giving the exam. Mother being the best well -wisher of her child knows how important exam is for her child’s career.

Krishna being the best friend of Arjuna expected him to exhibit exemplary qualities befitting a great personality. Tears of lamentation, moroseness and reluctance to do once ordained duty isn’t appreciated by Krishna. These are the qualities of people in mode of ignorance. And devotees are expected to come to mode of goodness which is characterised by enthusiasm, hard work, patience and perseverance. Off course devotees of the Lord do their duties keeping Lord in the centre so they rise above goodness. 

The celebrated devotees of the Lord are not those who gave up their responsibilities whimsically but are those who were highly dedicated and devoted in their duties. Victory or defeat never bothered them; they were just driven with a service attitude to please the Lord. Jatayu fought ferociously but lost the battle with Ravana but won the heart of Lord Rama.

Arjuna’s tears were wiped by Krishna’s grace and he ultimately won the battle for Krishna. Yes in our life too challenges will come bringing tears in our eyes but we should not get torn apart by any unpleasant circumstances. If we take shelter of Gita’s wisdom words then we will find solution to our problems and get tremendous strength to do our duty with grit and enthusiasm. We too will then become competent enough to do something wonderful in this world to please Krishna. 

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