Neglected senses finally surrender

Senses always crave for our attention. The more we satisfy their whimsical demands more they become demanding and if we fail to satisfy them then they start creating tantrums like a spoiled brat.  People who become slave of their senses constantly remain disturbed, confused and at war with themselves. Frequently being tortured by the senses people are not able to achieve anything substantial in their life.  Their time and energy goes in just confronting the senses.

In this world, even for achieving some worldly success one needs to regulate their senses. For e.g. reputed singers take extreme precaution in protecting their voice. They will not eat or drink anything no matter how much tantalizing it may be if it is harmful for their voice. Renowned singers practice daily without fail to fine tune their voice and avoid things which can lower their voice quality.

Even for material success sense control is needed. Now devotional life is the topmost and so to achieve it we have to work hard to subdue our senses. Every one of us is qualified to achieve love of God but it requires serious and sincere endeavour. Not succumbing to the whims of our callous senses is a must. The senses pull us in several directions making our life miserable.  Every individual has his own unique problem and has to deal with it accordingly. God is of course there to help us and guide us but it is also said that God helps those who help themselves. So we first have to have the desire to control the senses. Simultaneously we have to take practical steps to rein in our senses. Chanting the names of the Lord, reading scriptures, associating with devotees who are determined in their devotional pursuit, going to the temple whenever possible, regularly praying to the Lord for help, eating only those foods which have been offered to the Lord are some of the necessary steps to be taken. Things to be avoided are: not being in the company of those who are gross materialists and who are always busy in sensual gratification, not wasting time watching movies or TV programs which are sexually explicit or violent or which promotes non devotional culture, never indulging in watching pornographic internet content or movies or reading such literatures, avoiding food which is prepared by committing violence on animals or which is unhealthy.

If we start following these dos and don’ts then slowly we will get the determination to say NO to our senses. It is true that our senses will not silently accept our authority, they will create ruckus. But if we tolerate their onslaughts and neglect them and continue to live as per the guidelines of the Holy Scriptures then our senses will become totally helpless. Soon they will be forced to bow to us. Seeing our ruthless senses surrendering to us will be a great feeling. We would be very delighted and along with that will experience extraordinary peace and happiness.

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