Only Ask – How can I serve you?

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Krishna takes care of all our necessities. He provides food to an insignificant ant and also to a huge elephant. But most often when we approach him we ask for several material things. We think that Krishna is not aware of our necessities. We consider Krishna to be our order supplier and demand several things from him – like good marks, high paying job, palatial bungalow, fancy car, beautiful spouse and so on.

Instead of asking something material we should pray to Krishna to give us intelligence so that we can serve him in the best possible way. Radhanath Swami explains, “Lord preserves what we have and he carries what we lack”. Krishna knows what is best for us. We should not get entangled in our materialistic way of life so much that we forget the essence of life.

Human form of life is very rare, it should be utilized only to develop love for God and return back to the spiritual world. Unfortunately we waste our entire life running behind material pleasure which is not just frustrating but also very temporary. As this human life is very rare it should be utilized only for serving Lord. If we approach Krishna with faith then he will do what is best for us. Krishna instructed Arjuna to fight with faith. Arjuna did exactly the same for Krishna’s pleasure and emerged victorious.

Similarly we should follow the instruction of Krishna with faith and always pray to him to engage us in his devotional service. 

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