Quiz on Vedic Yuga Cycle

Vedic Yuga Cycle

How much are you aware about the Vedic Yuga Cycle? Attempt this “Quiz on Vedic Yuga Cycle” and test your knowledge about the different yugas.


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Vedic Quiz

Quiz on Vedic Yuga Cycle

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What is the Yuga Dharma of Kaliyuga?

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As the yugas are cyclic, so after the end of Kali yuga which yuga will come.

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When is Kalki going to appear?

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Lord Chaitanya appeared in which Yuga

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Lord Krishna appeared in which Yuga

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Lord Rama appeared in which Yuga

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Kali Yuga lasts for how many years

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Dwapara Yuga lasts for how many years

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Treta Yuga lasts for how many years

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Satya Yuga lasts for how many years

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As per Vedic literature how many yugas are there?

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It is important that we have good understanding of the Vedic scriptures. Vedas are the words of God. So, if we know the Vedas we will know how to live in harmony with God. We will always be peaceful and happy in this world. And when we leave this world, we will have a better destination.

What were people’s life duration in different Vedic yugas?

There are 4 Yugas mentioned in the Vedas – Satya-yuga, Treta-yuga, Dvāpara-yuga and Kali-yuga. In Satya–yuga people lived for around one hundred thousand years. Treta-yuga follows Satya-yuga. In Treta–yuga people’s life duration was ten thousand years. After Treta-yuga comes Dvāpara-yuga. In Dvapara yuga people used to live for one thousand years. Kali-yuga comes after Dvāpara-yuga. In Kali – yuga people live maximum for 100 years. But as Kali-yuga progresses people’s life span further reduces. The present age in which we are living is Kali-yuga.

Scriptures explain that in Satya-yuga almost all the people are God conscious. They are virtuous and have many good qualities like honesty, truthfulness, kindness. But as the Vedic Yuga cycle progresses people’s virtuous quality start diminishing. People become more materialistic and less God Conscious. Their life span, memory and intelligence also start reducing.

What are the Yuga Dharma for self realization in different yugas?

In different Vedic yugas different processes are there for self- realization. This is called Yuga Dharma. In Satya-yuga the recommended process is meditation on the transcendental form of Lord Vishnu. During Treta-yuga people performed yagnas i.e. fire sacrifices. In Dvāpara-yuga people do elaborate deity worship to attain self-realization. And in Kali-yuga the Yuga Dharma is chanting the holy names of the Supreme Lord such as the Hare Krishna Mahamantra. By chanting this maha-mantra we can attain complete perfection.

The “Quiz on Vedic Yuga Cycle” will help you to know in detail about different Vedic yugas. All the best!

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