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11 Krishna Conscious Capsules

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  •  Lord Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, is situated in his internal potency which is called as svarupa – sakti or atma – sakti.
  • Lord Krishna expands himself in multiple forms. His expansions are of 2 types: Personal expansion & separated expansion.
  • Through these expansions he dwells simultaneously in the entire spiritual world & the entire material world.
  • The living entities (human beings, animals, plants, trees etc.) are his separated expansions.
  • These living entities are of 2 types: eternally liberated & eternally conditioned.
  • Those who are eternally liberated are the personal associates of the Lord & they are always Krishna Conscious.
  • These eternally liberated souls assist the Lord in his pastimes which take place in different universes.
  • Eternally conditioned living entities have a desire to enjoy separately from the Lord.
  • Thus these conditioned living entities are provided gross & subtle bodies & they fall down to the material world.
  • These conditioned souls or living entities thus transmigrates though the cycle of repeated birth & death in different species in different universes.
  • These conditioned souls continuously suffer in the material world. However the moment the conditioned souls realizes the fallacy of the material world & takes up to Krishna Consciousness he becomes eligible to go back home, Back to Godhead.

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