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11 Krishna Conscious Capsules

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  • Mind is like a reservoir where all the ideas for sense gratification are stored.
  • Polluted mind adversely influences the intelligence & thus intelligence fails to distinguish between righteous & non – righteous activities.
  • Such polluted intelligence negatively influences the spirit soul.
  • Under the influence of polluted mind & intelligence the soul starts identifying himself with the matter.
  • Thus the soul starts enjoying the material senses & mistakes it for true happiness.
  • As the soul starts considering the temporary gross material body as permanent so he starts focusing on satisfying the bodily needs.
  • Since, the soul starts identifying himself with the matter, so he starts considering the material body, the by products of the material body (i.e. his children, his family members) & this material world to be permanent.
  • Soul completely forgets his real identity that he is the part & parcel of the Lord.
  • Thus the soul never sincerely endeavors for self realization.
  • So, Lord Krishna advises in Bhagavad – Gita to regulate the senses from very beginning.
  • Senses should be controlled as per Vedic injunctions, this will ensure one understands the real purpose of life and endeavors for self realization.

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