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11 Krishna Conscious Capsules

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  • The nature of the soul is that it is always active.
  •  The body is like a vehicle without a driver. As a driver is required to move the vehicle, similarly it is the soul which provides life to the dead body.
  • The soul gets a human body, an animal body or a plant body based on his previous karma (past deeds).
  • The moment the soul leaves the body the body becomes inactive & useless.
  • Since the soul is always active, so every living entities be it human beings or animals are forced to act helplessly according to their modes of nature.
  • When a soul gets a human body then there is a chance to realize the real purpose of the life.
  • The human body provides rarest of the rare opportunity to purify one’s existence.
  • In order to be purified it is important that the soul takes up to Krishna Consciousness.
  • This will provide an opportunity to go back home, Back to Godhead.
  • If one misses this golden opportunity then one again gets entangled in the never ending cycle of birth & death.
  • Once the soul reaches the eternal abode i.e. the spiritual world he never comes back to this material world.



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