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11 Krishna Conscious Capsules

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  • Arjuna was disturbed to see the universal form of the Lord Krishna.
  • So, he desired to see the four handed form of the Lord.
  • Upon the request of Arjuna, Lord showed his 4 handed form of Vishnu & later 2 handed humanlike form.
  • Pure devotees of the Lord are actually interested in seeing 2 – handed form of the Lord which is very beautiful.
  • In the Brahma – samhita (5.38) it is said ‘premanjana – cchurita – bhakti – vilocanena (5.38)’ i.e. a person whose eyes are smeared with the ointment of love can see the beautiful form of Sri Krishna.
  • Arjuna was very much pleased to see the humanlike form of the Lord.
  • Thus the Lord of the Universe showed his universal form, 4 – handed form & 2 handed form to Arjuna.
  • Krishna’s 2 – handed form is very pleasing & even demigods like Lord Siva & Lord Brahma desire to see it.
  • Krishna is not visible to those people who deride him.
  • Krishna’s body is not made of matter.
  • Krishna’s body is completely spiritual & is full of knowledge, bliss & eternity.
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