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11 Krishna Conscious Capsules

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  • Lord Krishna showed his universal form to his dear devotee friend Arjuna.
  • No one before Arjuna had ever seen this universal form.
  • It was because of Arjuna that other devotes of the Lord in the disciple succession were fortunate to see the Lord’s universal form.
  • Lord Krishna manifested his universal form by his internal potency.
  • Lord’s internal potency is inconceivable by human brain.
  • Lord Krishna says to Arjuna that his universal form cannot be seen simply by studying Vedas or by performing pious activities or by sacrifices or by performing penances.
  • To see the Lord’s universal form one has to be a pure & unalloyed devotee of the Lord.
  • The supreme Personality of the Lord showed his universal form to Arjuna to clear his doubt.
  • At the battlefield of Kurushetra Arjuna did not want to fight because the Kauravas were his relatives.
  • But Lord showed to Arjuna that those people with whom he is going to fight are already killed because of their impious acts.  Arjuna was just a doer.
  • Lord Krishna removed his dear devotee Arjuna’s fear & following the instruction of the Lord Arjuna engaged himself in the warfare.
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