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5 ISKCON devotees die of Covid – 19 in UK

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Iskcon devotees in UK have been badly affected by Coronavirus. As of now there are twenty-one confirmed cases and five devotees have died.

In this tragic situation when the whole world should unite to fight the pandemic some people with vested interest are trying to blame ISKCON UK devotees for the spread of Covid – 19 in UK. This is totally fake.

But the facts are totally different.  

ISKCON devotees in UK and worldwide have always believed in following the law of the land and they work hard to create peace and harmony in the society.

  • When Iskcon held its program in UK at that time the government of UK had not declared any lockdown or had not issued any directive to close the religious places.
  • UK GBC Praghosa Prabhu said that ISKCON UK closed all its temples in UK on March 16th, a week before lockdown was declared by UK government
  • Even before the lockdown was announced in UK, all the temples were following the guidelines given by the government and devotees were taking all the precautionary measures like washing hands with soaps, using sanitizers etc.
  • None of the devotees who were infected tried to hide their disease.
  • None of the devotees hid in the temples or took shelter in the houses of Iskcon congregation members.
  • None of them deliberately tried to spread the disease.
  • The devotees who got infected immediately contacted the doctors, quarantined themselves and followed all the guidelines.
  • All the devotees of Iskcon UK have tried their best to cooperate with the government agencies.
  • In UK, the total number of confirmed cases are 51,608 and number of Iskcon devotees affected is 21. So only 0.04% of the affected people in UK are from Iskcon.
  • In UK, the total number of deaths due to Coronavirus is 5373, and the number of Iskcon devotees who have passed away is 5.  So only 0.095% people who have died because of Coronavirus in UK are from Iskcon.
Source: Times of India
  • Now contrast this with the action of Tablighi Jamaat. Many of their members had violated their visas and were illegally staying in India.  And many of them have hid themselves in different parts of the country risking their own lives, lives of their family members and lives of others too.

Those who are supporting them do not know that in fact they are doing a great harm to the entire humanity and even to the Muslim community because if the affected members are not quarantined then thousands more will have to suffer.

Moreover, Iskcon in India and all over the world is trying their best to serve the society to fight Coronavirus. Many devotees who are doctors and nurses are spending days and nights to serve the Coronavirus affected patients.

Iskcon monks are putting their efforts to serve the society by cooking food by themselves and trying to distribute it free of cost to the needy people.

Any sane man will appreciate the efforts of the devotees of Iskcon in this difficult time.

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  1. Hare Krishna Prabhuji and Dandvat Pranaam,

    It is natural for devotees to take shelter of the holy name of Krishna especially during challenging times.
    However for neophytes like me, it is bewildering to see exalted devotees in the UK becoming victims of the coronavirus.

    How should I understand this kind of suffering inflicted to senior devotees although they are so exalted in Krishna’s service?
    Kindly respond.

    Your humble servant,

    Shiriish Bubna

    1. Hare Krishna Shiriish Bubna Prabhu, Thanks for your question.

      In this difficult time we should take shelter of Krishna because Krishna is the ultimate protector. But as per the laws of this material world everyone has to die which includes even devotees. So as long as we are in this world we should try our best to purify our consciousness and perfect our lives. This human life should not be wasted in living like animals who are only concerned about eating, mating, sleeping and defending. But as human beings we should practice devotion to Krishna and get free from the four fold miseries of birth, old age, disease and death. Pandemic like COVID-19, also re-confirms the statement of Bhagavad Gita that this world is full of miseries – duḥkhālayam aśāśvatam BG 8.15. But Bhagavad Gita and Srimad Bhagavatam also says how we can free ourselves from this miserable state of life.

      In my another article – How Lord Krishna is saving his devotees from COVID – 19? – I have tried to answer your question in detail, please read it and let me know your viewpoints.

      Your humble Servant
      Purushottam Nitai Das

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