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COVID-19: Sourav Ganguly lauds Iskcon’s efforts to serve the society

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BCCI President and former captain of Indian Cricket team Sourav Ganguly thanked Iskcon for feeding the needy people during this Coronavirus crisis.

All over India Iskcon is arranging food for around four lakh people daily.

In Kolkata too Iskcon has been distributing food packets to thousands of people daily.

After Sourav Ganguly’s contribution Iskcon Kolkata will be able to feed 10,000 more people.

A team of Iskcon Kolkata devotees at Iskcon House in Gurusaday is putting their best efforts to prepare the sanctified vegetarian food for thousands of people.

The devotees while working are taking all precautions like wearing masks, wearing gloves, using sanitizers and soaps.

Anant Bhagavan Prabhu who is with the team of devotees at Iskcon Gurusaday said that we were able to feed 10,000 people daily in Kolkata but after Sourav Ganguly’s contribution we would be able to serve 10,000 more people i.e. total we will be able to prepare food for 20,000 needy people in Kolkata.

Scriptures tell that one of the qualities of a devotee is that he is paradukhadukhi i.e. when he sees other people suffering then he too feels pain and he tries to help that person.  So currently because of the pandemic when the country is under lockdown the devotees are not thinking much about themselves but are more concerned how best they can serve the people.

Sourav Ganuguly not just donated the amount so that thousands of more people can be served but he also visited the Iskcon centre to thank all the devotees.

HG Radharaman Prabhu who is the spokesperson and vice-president of ISKCON, Kolkata centre thanked Sourav Ganguly for the support. He said that under the captaincy of Dada the monks of Iskcon will be able to fight the battle of hunger confidently during this Coronavirus pandemic.

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