Whether our heart longs for Krishna or wants something else? | Bhagavad Gita 10.10

Whether our heart longs for Krishna or wants something else?

Have you checked, if your heart longs for Krishna or is still attached to things of this world?

Externally we may dress perfectly, speak expertly, recite shlokas scholarly, sing melodiously but these qualities may not attract the attention of the Lord. Maybe we are doing it to seek people’s attention and self-glorification.

Krishna hardly bothers about our externals instead he directly peeps into our heart to see whether our heart longs for him or it hankers for something else.

When Duryodhana invited Krishna for lunch in his palace then Krishna was not interested because Duryodhana did not have a devotional heart. Duryodhana wanted to make a show of his opulence and gesture.

Krishna preferred to eat at Vidura’s house although Vidura did not offer him lavish food. It was because Vidura and his wife had deep love for Krishna. Lord Rama happily chewed the half – eaten berries offered by Sabari because it was being offered with love. So, we should try to cultivate a devotional heart and deep desire to serve Krishna. 

If we have a desire to genuinely serve Krishna then Krishna who always resides with us in our heart will give us intelligence by which we can swiftly come to him.

This is confirmed by Krishna Bhagavad Gia 10.10: “To those who are constantly devoted to serving Me with love, I give the understanding by which they can come to Me.”

Check your motive

So, while practicing devotion we should seriously introspect and find out with what motive we are doing any activity. We should see if we have offered our heart to Krishna or still our heart is attached to something else.

Because of our past conditionings it won’t be immediately possible to do everything for the pleasure of Krishna. But we should sincerely try for it and pray to Krishna to purify our heart, so that we always do anything for Krishna’s pleasure.

We need to endeavour hard to cultivate a devotional heart and subsequently give up material hankering. If we do so then gradually our heart will start longing for Krishna and then Krishna will immediately manifest his love within our heart.

Ask Yourself

  1. Do you serve Krishna to please Krishna?
  2. Or do you have some personal selfish interest while serving Krishna?
  3. What steps you are taking to give up your selfish motives while serving Krishna?

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