Do you always look for glofication?|Bhagavad Gita 16.3

Do you always look for glofication?|Bhagavad Gita 16.3

Although we would hesitate to admit it but it’s a fact that more than hunger for food most of us have hunger for glorification. Any activity we do we want to be appreciated for it. And if someone fails to oblige us then we immediately become morose and go to the extent of detesting that individual.

We like to be in the company of those who constantly massage our ego. And we try to orchestrate our life in a way so that we can attract other’s attention.

What they think about me? What will their reaction be if I do this? Is my importance intact or increasing or diminishing? These thoughts continuously occupy our mind. And instead of living for ourselves we become a dancing doll whose key is in other people’s hand.

But the world is such that we would never always continue to be the “centre of attraction.” Someone is going to eclipse us some day. And those who used to play an important role in making us feel important effortlessly shift their loyalty. Our heart cries and we moan in silence but we can do nothing about it.

This is why wise sages in the past have always warned us against running for name and fame. Lord Krishna says the same in Bhagavad Gita.

In Bhagavad Gita 16.3, the Supreme Lord says that one should be “free from passion for honour”, ati-mānitā. This is a divinue attribute, which we should try to cultivate. If we can do so, we can live peacefully. So, we should not be obsessed about what others think or feel about us. It’s a useless endeavour and return is mostly heart breaking.  Instead we should use this life for purification and not for proving our worth to others. In fact, we should not be concerned about our own glorification but instead we should always try to make sure that Krishna is always glorified.

Ask Yourself

  1. Do you always think of impressing others?
  2. If yes, then are you in control of your life or is your life in other’s control?

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