My Prayer to Lord Balarama on Balarama Jayanti

My Prayer to Lord Balarama on Balarama Jayanti
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Today is Balarama Jayanti, the day of Lord Balaram.  It is on this day that Lord Balarama appeared in this material world. Son of Rohini, the darling of braja, Lord Balaram came to this world for people like us. He appeared as elder brother of Lord Krishna. On this auspicious day I pray at the lotus feet of Lord Balaram to give me intelligence and determination so that I can become sincere in my spiritual practice.

Balarama serves Krishna in five rasas

Lord Balarama, you are the first plenary expansion of Krishna. You are always with Krishna. You live to serve Krishna. You serve Krishna in all the five rasas – shanta rasa, dasya rasa, sakhya rasa, vatsalya rasa and madhurya rasa.

To serve Krishna in shanta rasa you expand through your energy as Goloka Vrindavan where Krishna performs so many wonderful pastimes. To serve Krishna you become Krishna’s crown, flute, slipper, clothes, ornaments, umbrella, bed, clothes.

You always try to serve Krishna as menial servant in dasya rasa and assist him in his pastime. Srila Prabhupada writes, “Although Lord Baladeva appeared before the birth of Lord Kṛṣṇa and is therefore Kṛṣṇa’s worshipable elder brother, He used to act as Kṛṣṇa’s eternal servitor.” Sri Caitanya-caritamrta Adi Lila 6.76

In sakhya rasa, you play, wrestle, argue, fight, dance and eat with Krishna.

In vatsalaya rasa you are always concerned about Krishna’s well-being. You make sure that Krishna has eaten properly. When it is late you ask Krishna to return home. In the forest when it is dark you become very protective for Krishna.

To serve Krishna in madhurya rasa, you expand as Ananga Manjari and become the younger sister of Radharani. You then assist Radha and Krishna in their conjugal pastime.

You are always engaged in serving Krishna, the Supreme Lord.

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Balarama always accompanies Krishna

When Krishna expands as Lord Vishnu, you become Ananta Sesa. As Anant Sesa you become the bed of Lord Vishnu, you become the crown of Lord Vishnu. You have innumerable hoods and uncountable mouth. From each of your mouth you continuously glorify the Supreme Lord.

When Krishna appeared as Lord Rama you appeared as his younger brother Lakshman. Because you cannot live without a moment away from Rama, you accompanied Lord Rama and mother Sita in the forest. For the 14 years when you lived in forest you decided not to sleep even for a moment so that you can serve Lord Rama and his consort mother Sita every moment.

Balarama teaches us to always serve Krishna

With these examples you teach us that every moment of our life should be utilized in serving the Lord.  My life should be only for the service of the Lord. When will I get the determination and desire to follow your instructions and serve you constantly? Even after hearing again and again that the purpose of life is to serve you and Krishna, I still prefer to serve my sensual desires.

Dear Balarama I pray for your mercy

Instead of developing attraction for the Supreme Lord Krishna I still remain attracted towards the flickering pleasures of this material world.  Instead of developing deep attachment for Krishna I still remain attached to this ephemeral world.  Although I know that this world is temporary still I live as if I have to live here forever. In spite of knowing that this body is perishable I am always busy trying to satisfy the never-ending demands of my body. Instead of utilizing my senses in serving you, I am busy serving my senses and mind.  Instead of accepting you as my master, I have become slave of my mind and senses.  Most of the time, I find myself busy serving the unholy demands of my senses.

Because of being in this material world for many lifetimes my material disease has become too severe. As a terribly sick person becomes insane and forgets what is good for him or bad. My material disease is so severe that I fail to understand what is good for me and what is bad for me.

An expert doctor can cure a seriously patient. You are the Supreme doctor, so please consider my plea and cure me of all material diseases.

You are my only shelter

Other than you, I do not have any shelter. If you leave me, where will I go.

Although I know the importance of taking your shelter but still I fail to take your shelter. My mind is not in my control. My senses refuse to listen to me.

Just like a child caught up in the middle of the ocean surrounded by blood sucking crocodile cries desperately for help. I am also caught up in this material world surrounded by the poisonous senses. I seek your help. I am helpless in front of my powerful senses. Again and again I try to serve you but again and again my senses do not allow me to serve you.

Other than you, no one can rescue me. No one is as merciful like you. A helpless child in the middle of the gigantic ocean can be saved by an expert swimmer.  You are the creator of the gigantic oceans. Upon you the entire material universe rests. So be merciful upon me and save me from the unending miseries of this material world.

Dear Balarama I beg for your shelter

Please purify my senses so that my senses start taking pleasure in serving the lotus feet of Krishna.

Please remove all the impurities from my mind and inundate it with Krishna conscious thoughts.

Please give me intelligence so that I become convinced that material pleasure is the cause of all the misery and not the source of happiness.

Please bless me so that each and every moment of life I should only think of Krishna.

Please shower your mercy upon me so that I lose all taste for this material world.

Human life is useless if it is not used in the service of the Lord. I got this human life by your mercy. So, I beg you to be merciful upon me so that I do not waste my human birth.  Request you to free me from my helpless condition and give me the shelter of your divine lotus feet.

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