Damodar Lila: Why Balaram could not untie Krishna

Krishna & Balaram

Balaram was furious. Someone informed him that Krishna has been bound by ropes to a grinding mortar.

“How dare can anyone tie Krishna by ropes? Who has the audacity to even think of punishing Krishna? I will first free Krishna and then will punish that person.”

On the day when Krishna was bound by mother Yashoda to the wooden mortar Balram along with his mother Rohini had gone in the morning to meet the elder brother of Nanda Maharaj. 

So he was not there when Krishna was being punished.  When he returned, he came to know that Krishna has been bound by ropes to a grinding mortar.

Balaram was extremely angry. But someone softly uttered in Balaram’s ears, “Mother Yashoda has punished Krishna.”

Balaram immediately became quiet. He was now fearful too, “Hope mother Yashoda did not hear what I said else I will also be punished.”

Meanwhile Krishna was in tears. He was looking everywhere for help.

Nanda Maharaj was not around. Krishna’s cowherd friends wanted to help but were helpless. He knew the elder gopis from whose house he stole butter daily will not go against Yashoda. And to his agony the younger gopis were silently smiling.

But as soon as he saw Balaram he became hopeful. With tearful eyes he looked at Balaram and said, “Mother has punished me. Please free me.”

Balaram said, “Upon hearing your plight I rushed in to help you. You know if there would have been any demon I could have crushed him within seconds.

But you have been punished by our mother. What can I do? I always told you to behave yourself. But you never listen to me or anyone. Now be bound by ropes.”

Krishna was disheartened. “You are my brother. You should help me. You are my first expansion. If you won’t help me then who will help me. I beg you.”

Balaram too became sad seeing Krishna’s suffering. He said, “Ok. Let me try again.”

Balaram went to mother Yashoda to convince her that she should free Krishna.

Meanwhile Yashoda had got busy in her household duties after tying Krishna to the mortar. Balaram went to her and told,

You know to whom you have tied by ropes. If I tell you about the glories of Krishna you will be astonished!

Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. He is the source of all the material and spiritual worlds. Just by his desire the sun shines, the wind blows, the waves rise in the ocean. From the pores of his body millions of universes emanate.  

Sages and yogis do penance for thousands of years just to have a glimpse of him. You are so fortunate that he is born to you and he plays in your courtyard.

And you have bound him by ropes!

Its a great offense to the Supreme Lord Krishna. You should immediately untie him.”

When Krishna heard his brother speaking so eloquently, he was overjoyed. “My elder brother is so intelligent and smart. He is logically pleading my case. I think he will be able to convince mother now.”

Meanwhile Yashoda who had to do many household works was getting irritated. She said to Balaram, “So Krishna is the Supreme Lord. And what about you?”

“Seems she has understood about Krishna’s greatness so now let me reveal to her about my glories,” thought Balaram.

He confidently began extolling his virtuous qualities,

“I am the first expansion of Krishna. As Ananta Sesa I hold the entire universe on my millions of hoods. The wish of the Lord is my command.

If he desires, then I can immediately destroy any demons.

When my Lord Krishna had performed his pastime as Lord Rama then I was his younger brother Lakshman. As Lakshman I killed so many demons. 

Wherever Krishna performs his pastimes I accompany him. I am the…”

Now Yashoda had become really irritated.

She picked up a stick and said, “So all the Gods have no other work but to appear in my house. Just go away from here.”

“You are committing a big mistake.” Balaram warned.

Yashoda now sternly told Balaram, “Just let me do my work else you will also meet the same fate. Krishna will remain tied to the mortar. And if you don’t go now will tie you too.”

Balaram immediately ran away from there and said to Krishna, the supreme Lord, “I cannot do anything, and I don’t want to be punished because of you.”

Krishna, the Supreme Lord, was so sad. He was wondering, “Who will free me now?”

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