11 unique features of Ram Rajya

After vanquishing the demon Ravana, establishing Vibhishana the king of Lanka and most importantly rescuing mother Sita, Lord Rama who was about to complete his 14 years of exile decided to return to Ayodhya.


As soon as the news spread in Ayodhya that Lord Rama will be returning there was jubilation. The citizens of Ayodhya had tears of joy in their eyes, desperately wanting to see the Lord they were cursing the time which they thought was delaying the arrival of their beloved Rama, their lips were singing the glories of Lord Rama. Leaving everything aside everyone immediately departed to Nandigram.


It was a festive atmosphere.  Bharat was surrounded by his ministers, priests and thousands of citizens. Learned Brahmanas were reciting Vedic mantras, experts musicians were playing musical instruments.


There were several chariots made of gold and were driven by horses decorated with many ornaments. The chariots had many colorful flags of different shapes and sizes..


There were soldiers wearing golden armour, beautiful ladies and many dancers. Many servants were carrying different paraphernalia like umbrella, whisks and many other important items.


As soon as Lord Rama descended from the Pushpak Viman Bharat ran to embrace the Lord. Carrying the sandals of Lord Rama in his own hands, he placed it in front of the lotus feet of Lord Rama and pleaded him to become the king of Ayodhya for the pleasure of the everyone.


Seeing their beloved Lord, everyone was dancing and singing in joy. When Lord Rama accompanied by all his beloved family members were riding through the streets of Ayodhysa the citizens were singing and dancing in joy.  Everywhere there was festive atmosphere. People were showering colourful and fragrant flowers on the way. People had lit their homes with ghee lamp to welcome the Lord.


Lord Rama accepted the throne of Ayodhya and as a king he ruled like a father taking care of his own children. Lord Rama’s rule was so unique and so virtuous that still today everyone wants Rama Rajya.


Let us see  the 11 unique features of Rama Rajya as described in Valmiki Ramayana.

  • Lord Rama ruled the entire earth for 11,000 years.
  • At that time Ayodhya was the capital city of the entire world.
  • During the reign of Lord Rama the forest, the rivers, the mountains, the hills, the earth, all seven islands and seven seas provided all the necessities of life in abundance. There was no scarcity of food, clothing and shelter. There was no poverty because people were not greedy and they did not exploit the nature.
  • There was no physical and mental suffering, no disease, no old age, no lamentation, no fear and no distress.
  • There was no theft during his reign.
  • Even the forest animals forgot their enmity and would not kill each other.
  • All the citizens loved Lord Rama, they always discussed the Supreme Lord’s activities. He was the life and soul of everyone and all considered him and worshipped him as the Supreme Lord.
  • People lived for several hundreds years happily and would have many children.
  • Even the agents of death would fear to enter the kingdom. People would die only if they wanted to die.
  • No women used to become widow.
  • The whole earth had transformed into Vaikuntha, the abode of the Supreme Lord.

We can still enjoy the pleasure of Vaikuntha if we live as per the teachings of Lord Rama. Let us enthrone Lord Rama in our hearts, let us spread his glories and create a society where there is no suffering but there is only happiness.

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  1. Satyanarayana

    Usually it is mentioned that Ramayana occurred 7000 years ago and Mahabharata around 5000 years ago. Even experts give similar date line. People of Bharat too speak in same date line. How does one reconcile with these. Archeology dates some rocks at the base of Setu at 18000 years. What reconciliation is to be provided to give plausible date- time line.

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