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100% return guaranteed

When the share market has an upward swing the investors joyfully celebrate and when the market crashes the investors miserably laments. No investment can guarantee 100% return in this world.…

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Why not ‘Why’?

How should I increase my fortune?How should I pass the exam?How to impress my boss?How the earth moves around the sun?How beautiful the weather is today.The list is endless. Throughout…

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Don’t live but -> Leave

He seemed to be perplexed and in anxiety. He was looking out of the window confusedand was very carefully reading all the station names. When I enquired about the reason…

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Dare to dry the ocean

The sparrow challenged the ocean, “Return my eggs else I will dry you”. Hearing this ocean started laughing. The ocean had stolen the eggs of the sparrow and the little…

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Formula to work 24hrs a day

We generally begin a work with great enthusiasm but soon the enthusiasm wanes. Boredom and monotony penetrates. We fret and often regret that why did we take this task. And…

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