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Ramayan Quiz

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Ramayan Quiz

This Ramayana quiz will help you know how much you know Ramayana. And how much you know about Lord Rama.

Ramayana written by sage Valmiki several thousand years ago is one of the most celebrated spiritual literatures of the world. Ramayana describes in detail about the wonderful pastimes of Lord Rama.

It is very important that we study the life story of these great personalities.

Lord Rama is not just a great historical personality, but he is in fact the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

He appeared in this mortal world in Treta Yuga to teach each one of us how to lead an ideal human life.

He was a very obedient son, a loving and caring brother, an ideal husband and a great king. During his reign even the animals felt secured. He took care of each of the citizens as his own child.

He and his consort mother Sita never thought about their own life. They both wanted that the citizens of Ayodhya lead an exemplary life and always remain happy.

In fact, they both separated so that people with lesser intelligence do not misunderstand them and indulge in any unrighteous activity.

This is the reason that people still talk of Ram Rajya. Because when Lord Rama ruled the earth there was no suffering. People were completely satisfied, and their life was filled with bliss.

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Today also we all long for Ram Rajya. But Ram Rajya can be again established only when each one of us start living as per the teachings of Lord Rama.

To learn lessons from the life of Lord Rama, we should study Ramayana thoroughly. We will then be able to understand the wonderful qualities of Lord Rama and his associates.

So, give this Ramayana quiz and know how much you know Ramayana. The quiz contains 10 questions. Some are easy to answer, and some are little complicated. You get 100 seconds to answer. After you complete the quiz you will get to know your score. Don’t worry if you have given a wrong answer. You can attempt the quiz as many times you want till you get 100%.

Test your knowledge of Ramayana and spread the teaching of Lord Rama.

All the best!

Ramayan Quiz

Ramayan Quiz

1 / 10

Who was the family priest of Lord Rama?

2 / 10

Who ruled Lanka after Ravana’s death?

3 / 10

Lord Rama Killed Ravana

4 / 10

Lord Rama appeared in which Yuga?

5 / 10

The Original Ramayana was composed by?

6 / 10

Who was father of Maharaj Dasaratha

7 / 10

When Surpanakha tried to attack Sita then which part of her body was deformed as punishment

8 / 10

Lakshman is incarnation of?

9 / 10

The 14 thousand rakshasas were led by

10 / 10

What was the name of the bow broken by Lord Rama to marry Goddess Sita?

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