The mysterious appearance of Srimati Radharani

It was time for Lord Krishna to appear in this world and Krishna cannot live without Radharani. So he requested Radharani to come with him. She agreed but with a condition that Yamuna and Govardhan must be there too. This was not a problem because Yamuna and Govardhan had already appeared on earth. 

Radharani happily agreed. She decided to appear in the house of Vrishbhanu Maharaj and Kiritida Devi who had been performing austerities since many lifetimes to have the eternal consort of Krishna as their daughter.

Once Vrishbhanu Maharaj went to the river Yamuna and there he saw an extraordinary spectacle. In the river Yamuna a beautiful lotus flower of golden colour was floating.

And in the whorl of the flower was a little girl of golden complexion. 

She was extremely attractive. Just by seeing her Vrishbhanu Maharaj’s heart got overflooded with ecstasy.  Without even wasting a moment he picked the little princess in his arms. His heart danced in joy, all the miseries of his life simply vanished. He considered himself to be the most fortunate person of this world.  The little girl was all alone. 

Vrishbhanu Maharaj looked everywhere and could not find anyone. He could not leave her there so he decided to take her to his house.   

Kiritida Devi, his wife, was so happy to see the baby girl.  Both Vrishbhanu Maharaj and Kiritida Devi desperately wanted a child and for this they had been praying to the Lord continuously.

And today by divine intervention a goddess had appeared in their life.  But they observed a unique thing in the child.

She was not opening her eyes, was not even crying like a little child and it appeared she could not even hear. Both the parents were devastated but still they had fallen in love with the child and decided to take care of the child in the best possible way.

Meanwhile Lord Krishna had already appeared in the house of Nanda Maharaj. Sage Narada who had played an important role in ensuring that Lord Krishna appears as soon as possible knew that if Krishna has appeared then Radharani will appear soon somewhere in Vrindavan.

So, he would go to different houses to find if any new baby girl has taken birth. He would then see the child to find out if she is Radharani.

One day he came to the house of Vrishbhanu Maharaj and asked them the same question. Since the child was not in a normal condition so they used to be reluctant to show the child to others but they could not refuse sage Narada.

So they took him to the room where Radharani was lying on a pram. As soon as the revered sage saw the baby girl he was overwhelmed with joy.

Somehow, he controlled his emotions and then he requested both the mother and the father to leave him alone with the child so that he could say some prayers for the benefit of the child. They left and Narada Muni began offering his prayers to her.

Srimati Radharani was extremely pleased and she appeared in her kishori form which is very rare to see.  Narada Muni seeing the most beautiful form fainted out of ecstasy.

Radharani brought him back to his external consciousness. Radharani asked if he wants any benediction but the sage was so overwhelmed that he could not say even a single word. He just left. Meanwhile Radharani again assumed the form of the little girl.

The parents did not know what transpired between the sage and their little princess. Both of them were only praying that their child open her eyes and start playing like other children.

Both Krishna and Radharani were so desperate to meet. But was not getting an opportunity to see each other.

Once Vrishbhanu Maharaj invited Nanda Maharaj who was his friend to his house with all the family members. At that time Krishna had not even started walking, he used to just crawl. So when the elders of the family were busy he crawled to the room of Radharani.

He caught hold of the cradle in which his most beloved queen was lying and stood up.

The mysterious appearance of Srimati Radharani

As soon as Krishna came in front of Radharani she opened her beautiful eyes. She had not opened her eyes after appearing because she wanted to see Krishna first.

She was so happy to see Krishna. Krishna spoke to her in broken words. She began crying out of love for Krishna.

Hearing the cry of the baby girl everyone quickly rushed inside the room. Mother Kirtida and father Vrishbhanu Maharaj immediately picked the baby in their arms, it was time for a great celebration.

Their most beloved little daughter had started seeing, speaking and hearing. Both Krishna and Radharani filled everyone’s heart with great joy.

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