Let us cultivate spiritual emotions

Dhritrashtra had lots of material emotions. He used to cry tears for it. He wished to remain the king of Hastinapur and also wanted his son Duryodhana to succeed him. He was so much possessed with his material emotions that he committed several and severe blunders. The end result for him was unfortunately very gruesome – he not only lost his kingdom but also his 100 sons were killed. We too are possessed with material emotions. Materially we want to achieve the best of this world – big house, fancy cars, latest gadgets and almost everything especially those which adorn our friends and relatives’ house. We are aware of the horrendous reality that none of these things will accompany us forever but still we are enamored by it. In fact people are ready to do anything to achieve name, fame and money. Lance Armstrong, a famous athlete recently admitted of taking drugs to enhance his performance to ensure all the accolades comes to him.

Historically and logically it is proven that material emotions plunder our life. So it is imperative for us to transform our material emotions into spiritual emotions. To develop spiritual emotion is so easy, so simple and so practical. We neither have to leave our jobs nor we have to spend lots of time and money. We just need to dovetail all our activities in the service of the Lord. Whatever actions we perform we can offer it to Krishna and while doing anything we can remember Krishna. And by doing this we will develop a desire for Krishna (Bhagavad – Gita 12.9). Once we develop desire for Krishna then we can effortlessly transform and transcend our material emotions. 


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