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Not a Robot

Modern scientific viewpoint states that we the human beings are nothing but a bag of chemicals & we came into existence owing to some spontaneous chemical reactions and will cease…

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At the age of 69

At the age of 69 when most people retire and prefer a peaceful life, he decided to go on a voyage to a distant land where he had never gone…

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72 Pieces of Love

I will die for you, will you die for me? I can do anything for your pleasure. I can even pluck the stars for your pleasure. These are some of…

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11 Krishna Conscious Capsules

As per the Vedic literature the duration of this material universe is limited. The creation of the material universe and its annihilation occurs in cycles of Kalpas. The details are…

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Education – of No Use

Exasperated with the quantity & quantum of scams today people are desperate to find a solution which will put an end to it. Government changes, politicians’ changes, political parties’ agenda…

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