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Watch the movie ‘HARE KRISHNA!’ For Free (for limited time only)

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If you want to know how a man single-handedly established a worldwide spiritual movement then do watch the movie –

                     HARE KRISHNA!
The Mantra, the Movement and the Swami who started it all

This movie can be watched for free for 3 days starting Friday, April 10.  The movie can be watched on YouTube and Vimeo with subtitles in 19 languages which also includes Hindi.

When to watch:

*From Friday, April 10th at 12pm (EST-USA) i.e. 9:30 pm IST

to Monday, April 13th at 12pm (EST-USA) i.e. 9:30 pm IST

Where to watch:



Yadubara das/John Griesser who is the Producer and Director of the movie says, “We decided at the last minute to have a 3-day *free* viewing of HARE KRISHNA! starting this Friday, April 10…we wanted to take advantage of the Easter holidays and get it out quickly because of the urgent world crisis.”

The movie has won accolades all over the world.

  • It has been released theatrically in 38 countries.
  • It has got the Best Picture award in Illuminate Film Festival.
  • It has the audience rating of 9.6/10 on and 4.9/5 on
  • In its review comment, Red Carpet Crash, wrote, “…an uplifting spiritual experience, regardless of one’s personal beliefs or religion”
  • The Washington Post called it,” …a stirring story!”
  •  The Times of India, gave it a rating of 3/5.

The movie is of 90 minutes.

It shows how Srila Prabhupada who was born in Kolkata, India, when India was under the British Regime led a worldwide Krishna conscious movement.

When Srila Prabhupada boarded the cargo ship, Jaladuta, in Kolkata to go to America he was almost 70 years old.  The ship’s owner Smt. Sumati Morarji said, “You are old man. You are just going to die there.”

He had no money, no proper winter cloth for American winter, no proper place to stay and he did not even know if he will be able to manage food there. Almost everyone advised him not to go.

But Prabhupada was on a mission. He was not thinking about himself but was thinking

  • How to bring the people of the world closer to Lord Krishna.
  • How to spread the teaching of Lord Chaitanya which will bring peace and happiness in the lives of people.

So, he went. And in few years, he conquered the hearts of millions of people all over the world by his love and compassion and inspired them to practice devotion to Krishna.

The movie brilliantly depicts the challenges, the hardships which Srila Prabhupada faced in his life’s most important mission.

  • How he handled the failures?
  • How he cried in front of Krishna to help him bring people to his lotus feet?
  • How he suffered but never gave up?
  • How he survived death?
  • And how he handled worldwide success?

The movie shows how young American boys and girls started getting attracted to his teachings and how they dedicated their lives in helping Prabhupada establish ISKCON, International Society for Krishna Consciousness.

Today in the virtual world we have unlimited option to watch movies which most of the time do not depict the reality of the world. Filled with music and dance commercial movies just try to entertain us. It does not transform us.

This movie is different.

This movie is for those

  • Who want to do something meaningful in their life?
  • Who want to know how a leader is born?
  • Who want to understand the attributes of a great leader?
  • Who want to know how spirituality brings ultimate happiness in our life?

Deadly coronavirus has brought unprecedented crisis in our lives.  To protect ourselves from COVID – 19, we all are now locked inside our houses.

We can utilize this time to reshape our future.

A small inspiration can change the course of our life. It can help us realize our true potential. The movie has the capability to do so.

Do Watch!

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