“Maya Times” – The fake news agency

 “Fake News” is in the news, everyone seems to be or pretend to be worried about it. A news or an information or a story or a data is considered “fake” when the truth is suppressed and is manipulated to suit a certain narrative. Political parties, journalists, twitter warriors, social activists today do not hesitate to spread fake news to further their agenda.  The civilized society are up in arms and are vociferously demanding to check the menace of fake news.

But since time immemorial we have been victim of fake news from a very powerful news agency and most of us just do not care about it. When the intelligent men and women caution us we ignore their warning.  The Lord’s illusory energy’s powerful news agency “Maya Times” has been peddling the fake news and we gullible people have been its victim for ages.
Two important lies peddled by Maya Times are:
·       Material positions and possessions is panacea for all the sufferings: 
Believing in it, we work hard to accumulate wealth and struggle for power and positions. Most of the time we partially succeed in achieving our goals and even if we achieve we still find that our heart remains dissatisfied. The joy which we had hoped for eludes us.
·       We are here to live forever:
Although we know that life here is as permanent as a bubble in the ocean still we try our best to live here as if we are going to be here for eternity.
If we refer to the fact checking books especially holy Vedasand listen carefully to holy sages we would find that they have been logically and with data have been exposing the nefarious design of “Maya Times.” The “Maya Times” fake assurance of happiness and permanence have been effectively countered in the holy literature.  The Vedic books tell us that running behind happiness in this world is akin to running behind mirage in the desert.  Once we start utilizing our intelligence and start scrutinizing the false claims of “Maya Times” then we would find that how we have been fooled.

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