Prahlada: The rebellious son of a rebellious father

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The best among the great demigods, Lord Shiva and Lord Brahma, were afraid to go near the Supreme Lord. Even Lakshmidevi, Lord’s own consort, was not ready to go near her own husband. This ferocious form of Lord was never seen before by anyone.  He had appeared from a pillar and had the form of half man and half lion and he came to be known as Narasimhadeva.

He had just ripped apart the demoniac body of the evil king, Hiranyakasipu, who had created mayhem in the universe. And was now sitting on the same majestic thrown on which once Hiranyakasipu sat and ruled the universe. 

His humongous body touched the sky. His angry eyes which resembled molten gold was looking in all the directions. His tongue sharp like a sword was moving in all directions looking to slay any miscreants. He had effortlessly killed thousands of faithful soldiers of Hiranyakasipu by his nails.

His hairs which extended in the sky scattered the clouds and forced them to run here and there. The celestial planes which were flying in the sky got thrown into the outer space and upper planetary system by the touch of his hairs. His breathing agitated the vast seas and the oceans. And because of his roaring the gigantic elephants in the world began crying.

Extremely angry he pulled out the intestine of Hiranyakasipu and wore it as a garland.

Even after killing all the demons his anger had not subsided. And all the learned personalities of the universe were not knowing what to do. At that moment, father of the universe, Lord Brahma approached five-year-old little Prahlada and asked him to go and pacify the Lord. 

Prahlada whose heart was inundated with the love of the Lord, who had fearlessly faced the might of Hiranyakasipu and he who had extraordinary faith in the mercy of the Lord humbly approached and bowed his head on the lotus feet of the Lord.

Just as a cub does not fear the lion similarly Prahlada was fearless in front of the half-man-half-lion God.

As soon as Narasimhadev saw his little devotee, his eyes which were burning with anger got flooded with compassion. He raised his blood-soaked hands which had killed innumerable demons to bless the little child. And now he wasn’t roaring in anger but had a peaceful smile on his face which brought great relief and joy to all.

The Lord discriminates none. He envies none. He is not partial to anyone. He is equal to all. But he himself says “but those who renders service unto Me in devotion is a friend, is in Me and I am also a friend to him.” Bhagavad Gita 9.29.

And Lord Narasimhadev appeared in his never seen before form only to protect his devotee who in spite of facing unprecedented atrocities never gave up his devotion to the Lord.

Prahlada had unquestionable belief that the Lord whom the books of wisdom describe as Supreme will always be there to protect him, to shelter him in every situation and in every circumstance. Even if he is in the midst of a dense forest surrounded by ferocious animals who are salivating to rip apart his flesh to feast upon it the Lord will come for sure to save him. Even if he is in the middle of a turbulent ocean being tossed up and down by the gigantic waves the Lord will come there and extend his hand to rescue him. Even if all human beings of this mortal world turns against him, disbelieves him, try their best to dishonour him, try their best to give him unprecedented sufferings, employs all means to eliminate him but still the Lord who resides in the core of his heart will never abandon him, he will at each and every moment be there to save him, to protect him.

Prahlada’s faith wasn’t blind. He was a fortunate soul. In the womb of his mother, Kayadu, he heard sage Narada reciting the glories of the Lord. The spiritual sound transcending all material limitations penetrated his heart and washed away all material impurities which becomes the cause of forgetfulness of the Lord. 

So, when he came out of the womb of his mother, he did not see the world with material eyes but saw with purified eyes. He saw Lord everywhere. He experienced Lord everywhere.  He understood that the Lord is the cause of all causes.

The sun which never fails to rise in the morning gets its effulgence from the Lord.

The wind which never ever stops its journey gets all its ability from the Lord.

The flower which spreads its aroma far and wide gets the fragrance from the Lord.

The waves of the ocean rise up and goes down at the will of the Lord.

The living beings walk and talk, live and die only by the sanction of the Lord.

A spiritually awakened person experiences the Lord.

A student of the Vedas learns about the Lord.

Spiritually ignorant men and women fail to understand the Lord. And the demons despise the Lord.

Hiranyakasipu, the demon, hated the Lord. He rebelled against the Lord. He thought he is better than the Lord. He wanted to be worshipped like the Supreme Lord.

Prahlada, a spiritually awakened intelligent soul, refused to accept him the Supreme Lord. He rebelled against his own father, Hiranyakasipu. He did not fear him whom even the demigods feared. He did not fear even death because he saw the merciful Lord everywhere.

When little Prahlada was thrown from the top of the mountain, he saw the beautiful Lord who had extended his arms to embrace him.  When he was forced into the fire the huge flames became like the soothing rays of the moon. When he was forced to drink poison, the poison became nectar and nourished him. When the elephants tried to trample him by their gigantic legs then those legs became as soft as lotus petals giving him pleasure and not pain.

When the evil king did not learn his lessons and continued employing many means to kill his own son who was just five-year-old the furious Lord appeared from the pillar to slay the king.  Mere by his nails the Lord ripped apart the gigantic body of the mighty king and crushed the arrogance of all who rebelled against the Lord.

The devotees like Prahlada appears to teach us that Lord never abandon’s his devotee. He is the only shelter in this world. And we should have complete faith in him. In fact, to assure all the doubtful soul’s the Lord has declared boldly that “My devotee never perishes.” Bhagavad Gita 9.31.

We too can live fearlessly amidst any calamity if we practice devotion to the Lord like Prahlada and have complete faith in the words of the Lord like Prahlada.

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