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Quiz on Soul

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Quiz on Soul


All the best!

All the best!

Quiz on Soul

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3 characteristics of soul are

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What is the size of soul?

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What happens when a soul returns back to the spiritual world?

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Select the correct statement

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How does soul get a new body?

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Choose the correct statement

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Which of the following living entities have soul?

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How soul dies?

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Where does the soul reside in the body?

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How does soul get free will?

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When does soul fall down from the spiritual sky?

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“You are not this body, but you are soul.” Vedic scriptures again and again remind us about this. So, test your knowledge about the soul by taking this “quiz on soul.” Bhagavad Gita beautifully describes the different characteristics of the soul.

In fact, when Arjuna was bewildered at the battlefield of Kurukshetra then the first thing  which Krishna told to Arjuna was that “You are not this body but you are soul.”

As soul we never die. We just keep on changing our bodies. Now we are in a human body. Among human beings also we might be in a male body or female body, in a Hindu body or a Muslim body or a Christian body. In previous life we might be in a different body. We might be even in an animal body.

And if in this human form of life we are not careful and we do not follow the teachings of the Vedic scriptures then in next life we will get an animal body. If we live like animals, then material nature which works under the direction of Krishna will give us an animal body.

So, it is very important that we understand our constitutional position. If we understand that we are parts and parcels of Krishna, the Supreme Lord, and we endeavour to develop relationship with Krishna then we can even return back to the spiritual world which is free from repeated birth, old age, disease and death and is free from all physical and mental sufferings.

Human form of life is an opportunity to free ourselves from the material bondage and enjoy eternal bliss in company of Krishna in the spiritual world.

So, let us equip ourselves with the knowledge of the scriptures and lead our life as per the teachings of scriptures. It will open the gateway of eternal happiness.

Do attempt this quiz on soul, its interesting and informative. All the best!

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