Welcoming Lord Rama to reside in our heart this Diwali

Welcoming Lord Rama to reside in our heart this Diwali

If on the auspicious day of Diwali, we welcome Lord Rama to reside in our heart forever then we will attain complete perfection. Miseries will disappear from our life. And we will always be in peace and bliss.

Diwali is the day when we light diyas at our home to remove darkness and spread light. This festival is celebrated because on this day Lord Rama returned back to Ayodhya after 14 years.

When Lord Rama had to leave Ayodhya because of Kaikeyi, entire city plunged into gloom. Everyone in Ayodhya became sad. They could not imagine their lives without Rama.  

It is said that many were so much disturbed that they even stopped lighting even a single diya at their homes. Their life became dark and also their houses.

Entire 14 years they kept waiting when Lord Rama will return.

In spite of having everything, everyone was suffering in Ayodhya

It was not that Ayodhya started suffering any economic crisis when Rama was not there. Or Bharat was an incompetent ruler.  

Under the able leadership of Bharat, none of the citizens were facing any difficulties. There was economic prosperity, security and no scarcity of food, clothing and shelter. But still they were not happy. Why? Because Ayodhya was without Lord Rama. And without him how can one be happy.

The saddest person was Bharat. Although he was the king, but he did not want to be in that position. If we study the life of Bharat given in Valmiki Ramayana, we will find that for 14 years he lived a very austere life.

Bharat’s sacrifice

He never lived in the palace. Instead, he lived in a cottage at the outskirts of Ayodhya called Nandigram. Daily, he ate barley soaked in cow urine. He wore tree bark. And he never sat on the throne. Instead of him, Lord Rama’s paduka (sandal) sat on the throne.

Bharat was very clear what he wanted in his life. He was clear that his life is for Lord Rama, and he did not have any slightest doubt about it.

Although, he had all the opportunity and authority to enjoy all the opulence, but he voluntarily chose not to do so. Because he knew that nothing material can satisfy his heart. Heart only experiences happiness when it is filled with the love of the Lord.

Why we won’t be happy in spite of material riches?

In our life too, we may get material prosperity or whatever material desires we may be having can get fulfilled. But unless we have Lord Rama in our life, our life will be bereft of happiness.  The word Rama means one who gives pleasure to all.

We think that material pleasure is all in all. But if we study scriptures, we will find that the pleasure which devotion to Lord gives is priceless and is not comparable with anything of this world.

This is why we see many great devotees who had all the riches happily gave up all their material prosperity and lived a simple life completely absorbed in singing and chanting the names of the Supreme Lord.

Sabari’s unlimited joy

What opulence did Sabari had? Materially she was penniless. But she was told by her guru that one day she will get an opportunity to have darshan of Lord Rama. Not just darshan but she will get an opportunity to serve Lord Rama. Just hearing that she will in future will be serving Lord Rama gave great joy to her heart.

From that day onwards, she always lived remembering Lord Rama and she patiently waited for Lord Rama. She had complete faith in the words of her guru. And also, she had complete faith in the mercy of the Lord.

And Lord Rama who knows the heart of all fulfilled the desire of Sabari giving her unlimited transcendental joy. She attained complete perfection after getting an opportunity to serve the Lord.

Lord Rama wanted to know Bharat’s desire

The Supreme Lord as Paramatma resides always in our heart. And he reciprocates with us as per our desires. He is always there for us. But if he sees that we are not much interested in him then he does not interfere with our desire to not have him. But as soon as he sees that our heart longs for him, he immediately comes to us.

After killing Ravana and his demon associates, Lord Rama with Mother Sita and brother Lakshman was to return to Ayodhya because 14 years was coming to an end. He had promised to Bharat that the moment 14 years is over, he will be there in Ayodhya.

However, before returning to Ayodhya, he wanted to check if Bharat wants to continue as the king of Ayodhya or if he actually wants to hand over the rein to him. To know this, he sent Hanumanji.

Hanumanji was not supposed to ask Bharat whether he wants to continue as the king or not. He just had to just see the expression of Bharat when he was to deliver the news that Lord Rama is going to come back to Ayodhya.

But as soon as Bharat heard that his dear Rama was to come to Ayodhya, tears of love and joy started coming from his eyes. He immediately embraced Hanuman and thanked him in choked voice for informing him that his dear Rama is coming back to Ayodhya.

This Diwali, like Bharat let us welcome Lord Rama in our life forever

When Lord Rama was completely sure that Bharat wants him back in Ayodhya, he immediately returned back to Ayodhya. Bharat was delighted to see the Lord. All the citizens of Ayodhya were dancing in joy seeing their beloved Lord Rama back in Ayodhya.

Their life came back. The day when Lord Rama returned to Ayodhya was celebrated as Diwali or festival of lights. On this day everyone lit their house with lamps.

Each and every nook and corner of Ayodhya was beautifully decorated and unlimited number of diyas were lit to welcome Lord Rama. Seeing the eagerness of the devotees to have him back in Ayodhya, Lord Rama felt happy.

And seeing the Lord happy, everyone felt happy and satisfied. This is spiritual life. The devotees are eager to please the Lord and the Lord is always eager to reciprocate with the desire of the devotees.

This Diwali let us too open our heart to Lord Rama and welcome him. Let us shun all our desire for material enjoyment. Let our heart have only one desire. And like Bharat that desire should be to have Lord Rama in our life forever.

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