23 negative results one get for not observing Kartik vrata

Kartik month is the holiest of all the months. Scriptures extoll the virtues of this month. Any spiritual activity performed during this month give great result.  One who sincerely observes the vows of Kartik vrat reaps tremendous spiritual benefit.

But what if one is not observing the vows of Kartik month.

What happens to them?

What does the scripture tell about them?

Srila Sanatana Goswami in his book Sri Hari Bhakti Vialasa tells in detail about the repercussion one faces if one does not follow Kartik vrat. He gives references from Skanda Purana, Padma Purana and other revered scriptures.  

Let us discuss the consequences of not observing Kartik Vrata as explained in Sri Hari Bhakti Vialasa (Chapter – Sixteenth Vilasa, Text 5 – Text 30).

23 repercussions one faces for not observing the auspicious Kartik vrata

  1. In the Skanda Purana Lord Brahma in a conversation with Narada strongly condemn a person who does not observe Kartik vrata. Lord Brahma says that such a person is a sinner, he should be considered a murder of his own mother and father.  Text 5
  2. Kartik month is so dear to Lord Damodara and if one does not observe its vows then he should be considered outside of all religious principles. In fact, in his next life such a sinner will take birth in the animal species.  Text 6
  3. Further criticising such a person, Brahma says that such a person who despite getting a human body which is conducive to practice devotion to Krishna is not following the vows of Kartik is like a killer of the brahmana, killer of mother cow, a thief of valuable items like gold and is a liar.  Text 7
  4. There should not be any excuse of not following Kartik vows. Even a widow should be observing it. If she is not, then she will go to hell.  Text 8
  5. The duty of a householder is to live as per the guidelines of the scriptures. And the scriptures talk the glories of this auspicious month. Even if a householder is doing pious deeds, giving charity but if he is not observing Kartik vows then these acts will not do him any good. In fact, these deeds will be like the cry of a person in hell. Text 9.
  6. If a brahmana, considered the protector of dharma, rejects Kartik vows then all the demigods headed by Indra reject him. Text 10
  7. Even if someone has performed yajnas, hundreds of sraddhas but is not willing to follow the Kartik vrat will not be able to enter Svargaloka. Text 11
  8. Whether one is a sannyasi or a vanaprastha or a widow if he/she does not observe Kartik vow will enter hell. Text 12
  9. If a person is not observing the Karik vows, then even the study of scriptures like Vedas and Puranas will not do much good to him. Text 13
  10. If a person is not observing Kartik vows, then his life’s entire pious deeds burn to ashes. Text 14
  11. Lord Braham says to Narada that one’s act of giving charity, performing great austerities, mantra chanting becomes useless if one is not following the Kartik vow.  Text 15
  12. Lord Brahma further says to Narada that one’s seven birth of pious deeds become useless if one is not observing Kartik vows. Text 16
  13. Again and again emphasising the importance of observing Kartik vows, Lord Brahma says that one who is not observing it is considered a sinner in the entire world.  Text 17
  14. Lord Brahma again says that such a person who is not observing Kartik vrat will lose his pious deeds of entire lifetime. A person not observing Kartik and Caturmasya is most degraded. He is like a brahmana killer who is sinful. Text 18 – 19
  15. Lord Brahma says to Narada that even “I do not know the fate of a person who does not observe the vows of Kartik, do not observe Lord Vishnu’s festival.”  Text 20 – 22
  16. In Padma Purana sage Narada in conversation with sages headed by Sri Saunaka says, “In this world of karma if a human being is not following Kartik vrat then its like having cintamnai jewel in the hand and throwing it in the muddy water.”   Text 23
    • Human life is precious because in this life one can elevate one’s consciousness and return back to the spiritual world. Kartik month is so special that any spiritual activity performed in this holy month gives great result.
    • But if a human being is not understanding the importance of this auspicious month and not following the vrat as per the scriptural guidelines then he should be considered a fool.
    • He can be compared to a blind or a foolish person who may be having a precious stone like cintamni in his hand but not understanding its importance he just throws it in the muddy water.  
  17. The Kartik month is very dear to Lord Krishna and if one does not follow the Kartik vrat then Lord Krishna turns his face away from him. Text 24
    • Sanatama Goswami explains that one should chant the names of the Lord, take bath early in the morning, give charity for the pleasure of the Lord and perform pious deeds during this month.
  18. Skanda Purana says that in this holy month of Kartik one should chant the holy names of the Lord, perform yajnas (such as sankirtan yajna), give charity, bathe early in the morning and follow the vows for the pleasure of Lord Krishna. But if one is not doing it then he should be considered as lowest of men.  Text 25
  19. If one is not observing the vows of Kartik month, chanting japa, not performing yajna then he is like a thief who robs himself of valuables.  His wishes never get fulfilled.  Text 26
  20. If in this holy month of Kartik one is not worshipping Krishna, then he resides in hell along with his ancestors. Text 27
  21. If one is not worshipping Krishna in Kartik with love and devotion then they are chained and dragged by the Yamaduttas, the messenger of Yamaraj, to hell. Text 28
  22. Human life is extremely precious. It is attained after millions of births. But if a person is not worshiping Lord Vishnu in this auspicious month then he is wasting his life and in fact he loses the rare human birth. Text 29
  23. In fact, if a person in the holiest month of Kartik is not worshipping the Supreme Lord Vishnu, chanting the glories of Lord Vishnu, is not associating with the devotees of Lord Vishnu i.e. the Vaisnavas then he is killing ten years of his pious deeds.  Text 30

So it is extremely important that we all should try our best to observe the vows of Kartik. Observing Kartik vrata is not at all difficult. It gives us unlimited spiritual benefits.

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